About The Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association

The Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association (TFAA) is a thriving professional artist community of more than 200 juried visual artists. The Torpedo Factory Artists are based at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA, for now, but can be found across the greater Washington, DC region, and beyond. Member artists are dedicated to opening our active workplaces for public visits.

Community outreach and engagement has always been an important and vital component to membership in the Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association. With open studios every single day at our central hub, artists are contributing to both the business and creative economies. And artist contributions have never stopped at the studio door. In addition to opening the doors of their studios and creative minds, artist lead or contribute to ongoing programs and exhibitions throughout the region.
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Serving the careers of professional artists through community organization, artist professional development classes, artist networking, and sales & marketing, the Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association was the founding entity of the Torpedo Factory Art Center and has helped grow and mentor artists for nearly 50 years. Members are selected annually through a blind jury process, ensuring that artists are evaluated solely on the quality of work.

Unfortunately, the government of the City of Alexandria has taken the art center from the artists that founded it and have replaced our renowned, time tested, discrimination-free jurying process with one of their own which not only does not protect the privacy of the artists applying, it also does not choose artists based solely on the quality of their artwork. Many of the TFAA artists have been displaced, mostly because the city government closed the building but offered no rent relief during the covid lockdowns, and a lot of square footage of what was once studio space has turned into office space for city employees.

JURY 2020

Our TFAA JURY 2020 call for new members has now closed and we are pleased to welcome 18 new members!

Ally Morgan • Brandi Couvillion • Christine Ruksenas-Burton • Delna Dastur • Diana Papazian • Gaylia Wagner • Helen Power • Hernan Murno • Karen Waltermire • Kay Walsh • Lynn Goldstein • Melissa Jessell • Michelle Simoneau • Ousmane Macina • Polina Miller • Scott Kaye • Tea Okropiridze • Tim Grant

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