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What is the Torpedo Factory Artists Association?

The Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association (TFAA) is a thriving professional artists community of more than 250 juried visual artists. 

The TFAA was the founding entity of the Torpedo Factory Art Center and has helped grow and mentor artists for over 45 years. Members are selected annually through our highly respected blind jury process, ensuring that artists are evaluated solely on the quality of work. Torpedo Factory Artists lead and contribute to ongoing programs and exhibitions throughout the region.

What are the benefits of membership?

TFA @Mosaic Satellite Space

  • Ongoing exhibition opportunities
  • Curating opportunities
  • Micro-residency opportunities

Within the Torpedo Factory Art Center

  • Exhibition, curating, and micro-residency opportunities in the Marian Van Landingham Gallery
  • Low-commission workshop and teaching space


  • Membership in our internationally respected artists' association
  • Promotion on social media platforms and the TFAA website
  • Publicity, marketing, and co-op advertising opportunities for exhibitions and events


  • Mentorship and networking within a tight-knit community of successful and reputable professional artists
  • Organizational and logistical support for artist community programs
  • Eligible for leadership opportunities on association committees and the TFAA Board of Directors
  • Professional development opportunities such as peer critiques, field trips, collaboration, artist talks, lectures, local business partnerships, and more


  • Comprehensive liability insurance for all TFAA-affiliated spaces
  • Assistance navigating business license, sales tax, studio subleasing
  • Mediation, conflict resolution, and hardship assistance services
  • Secure, password protected WiFi for processing sales and personal use at the art center
  • Collective bargaining and legal representation for artists needs and rights

What are members expected to contribute to the association?

In addition to annual membership dues, artists are expected to volunteer their time to grow, strengthen and promote the association. This could be by joining one of the various committees or helping out using their unique skill sets - artistic or otherwise.

Who should apply?

Visual artists who are interested in taking their art practice and career to the next level. Membership is open to artists working in a variety of 2D or 3D media. There is no need to be a full-time artist or to be local to the DC area.

How do I get a studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center?

Community engagement has always been an important and vital component to membership in the association. Torpedo Factory Artists are committed to outreach and education of the public in the visual arts and the art-making process through events, open studios  and satellite art spaces.

Membership in the TFAA does not guarantee studio space at The Torpedo Factory Art Center (TFAC). Although originally an art center created by and for artists, the City of Alexandria has managed studios and leases within the art center since 2016 and artists must apply for temporary residency through the city's process.

I'm not interested in a studio at the art center. Should I still apply?

YES! The TFAA is a vibrant membership association with the numerous benefits. We are always eager to welcome new and diverse talent into our community!

What is the jury process and how do I apply?

You'll are able to apply right from here! Apply now using the signup form below.

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