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Sally Canzoneri

Sally Canzoneri
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Much of my work deals with complex social issues; but of it is meant primarily to be lovely and enjoyable. My artwork is sculptural paper works made using digital photographs. Whatever the work is about, I use sculptural forms to engage and involve viewers. My lenticular pictures let viewers see one image from one side and a second image from the other side. Walking by, they see a transition from one image to the other and are drawn into the work. Similarly, my artist books are designed so that viewers can manipulate them to change their shape and explore what is visible. Many of my lenticulars combine historic and present day images to get people thinking about our society. The power of these pieces comes from the fact that the two images are presented in a structure that forces viewers to make the link between them. I’ve pulled two strings from history; but my viewers must decide what kind of knot to tie. Some artists have a story they want to tell in their work; I’d rather let my viewers come up with their own stories and have an active role in determining the meaning of the work.

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