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Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins
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A look close-in reveals wonders -- these wonders call me into my studio every day. The joy of shape, design, light and color can change our vision of even the mundane. Sharing this change with others through working in watercolor gives me both challenges and unexpected gifts.

The memory of growing up in a family where art mattered helped Rachel Collins decide to pursue watercolor seriously after reaching forty years of age and working in the field of libraries, archives and museums. An interest in natural science illustration has influenced her work in watercolor as fine art, and is often reflected in her choice of subjects. She has taught watercolor at the Art League in Alexandria since 1996, and shows her work regularly in local, regional and national exhibits. Outside the visual art world, she played the bassoon for many years in various ensembles and as a result, musical instruments have periodically been a counterpoint to the nature subjects in her work. She also has served for about 30 years on the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Mount Vernon, Virginia.

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