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Priscilla Young

Priscilla Young
Sample Work

I have always worked from life and my subject matter has ranged from the human figure, to insects, to doodle-like imagery. Recently I am most interested in the intuitive and almost subconsious process of creating collages. For me this is a complex process of selecting papers by color, size, texture and shape and overlapping them into a unique form. After having completed hundreds of collages, I continue to be challenged by the infinite possibilities, color juxtapositions and spatial surprises. My most recent prints are an extention of this process using linoleum relief printing.

Priscilla J. Young received her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, in 2000. At that time she was painting the human form, using oils on paper and woodcut prints. She spent the next several years concentrating on the human form using oils on board as well as woodcut prints. In 2010 she explored several themes, including the depiction of insects, inspired by the first decade of her life which was spent in Southeast Asia. Recently, she has been exploring collage using hand printed papers. Her recent prints are an extension of the collage process.Priscilla is a juried member of the Torpedo Factory Artists Association and a member of Printmakers Inc. since 2013.

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