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Marthe McGrath

Marthe McGrath
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Though my artistic career began much later in life, my art training began in childhood. My grandfather was a curator at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. and I spent countless hours there with him as he told stories of how each artist created their masterpieces. My love of Titian endures to this day based on his teaching. A lot of class¬es followed, mostly at the Corcoran, as my family felt I had the “gene” to be a great artist. However, life and a family of my own put a hold on that vision for several decades.
In my first career I worked with artists and designers, creating custom area rugs for clients that were manufactured around the world. In recent years I have had the opportunity to pursue my life-long love of art, not only as a collector but as an artist. I’m drawn to bright colors and bold compositions. I use mostly acrylic paint but also inks, oil pastels, charcoal, graphite, and anything else I come across. Lately I’ve been experimenting with oil and cold wax. Occasionally I introduce collage, typically using papers I have created. I paint with brushes, knives, my fingers, chopsticks, whatever. In spite of my classical training, I’m not constrained by any rules. My work is an intuitive and joyful process. Sometimes I start with an idea,an image or even sketches if a series is planned. And other times my inspirations are purely color driven. Often I draw exuberantly on the canvas. My process is not static. I am constantly experimenting and learning. I’ve traveled to many exotic places - Istanbul, Delhi, Hong Kong, Marrakesh, Havana - as well as throughout Europe and the United States. The cultures, colors, sounds, bustle,music, landscapes - they all enter my compositions in abstractions. For me, painting is transformative. It mesmerizes me, capturing an energy I infuse in my work.

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