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Marcel Artes Deolazo

Marcel Artes Deolazo
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The non-conventional presentation of the works was an aim to put a clusters of diverse subject matter together illustrations or ceramics to give the imagery of my chaotic thought process.The dis-order ofthings gives an insight to topics that are important to me, needs for discussion : sexuality, inclusiveness, technology, symbolism and re-occurring themes that I explored while living in Italy and Europe for 30years. The historical artwork during that time has influenced on my work and variations on classic themes from the Italian & Asian Masters.

My name is Marcel Artes Deolazo and I am the creative mind behind thehornypotter.com. Born in South East Asia, raised in the orient and United States, I consider myself an “urban globetrotter” of sorts…. Always on the move to research and discover the cultural aspects of each country travelled from their customs and rites, to their traditional and sometimes primitive iconography. After 30 years globetrotting between Europe and Asia I have returned to the place of my upbringing, the United States. It’s true that all things eventually come full circle….. The inspirations I have attained during many travels is a reflection into my illustrations, ceramics as well as other artistic endeavor endeavors

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