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Lynn Goldstein

Lynn Goldstein
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While among the trees, I can almost feel a pulsating life force. To me, the land is a living, almost sentient environment, and to express that in my art through the use of texture, light, shadow, and heightened, sometimes vibrant colors, is my joy. Through my interpretation of the landscape I offer a vision where calmness prevails, the clamor of the world melts away, and an unexpected view is offered. I work primarily in oil because of the vibrant, luminous colors, and the versatility of the medium. I enjoy the process of mixing the buttery paints, adding textures, and using different methods of applying color to the surface. I am challenged by discovering and portraying the essence of the subject rather than simply replicating what I see. This approach mirrors the life force that I feel when I am in nature. Rather than responding to what I would have used in the past for reference, I am reacting to marks that I make on canvas or panel in a cerebral and abstracted way. This allows me to bring more of myself into the art. Interestingly, the abstractions enable viewers to insert themselves into the work as well, because they are allowed to use their own imaginations to explain what they are viewing.

Originally from West Virginia, I have been moved by the landscape for my entire life. Looking out to the mountains was part of my upbringing, and I carry that experience with me as I move along in my journey. I live in Northern Virginia, and work in my tiny home studio (aka The Postage Stamp) and also in my studio at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia. Although I studied the figure and portraiture for several years, I recognized that the landscape truly held me in thrall. Therefore, I moved to landscape as a subject and have not looked back. I work primarily in oil, and have recently added cold wax medium to my oil paintings. My work is also taking on a much more abstract approach and I am excited to keep exploring.

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