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Lori Katz

Lori Katz

I am intrigued by contrast, the play of dark against light, the pull of empty space against the inclination to fill it up, the placement of line and shape. I use clay as a canvas, taking it beyond the traditional realm of function. My paintings allow me to create pieces that are larger than those I can create in clay. My work is a visual and tactile exploration of my materials, increasingly dealing with surface and texture, directional shift and contrast, harmony and discord. Several years ago, I began working almost exclusively in a palette of black and white in a conscious effort to simplify process and design. Lately, color is finding its way in as my work continues to evolve. I have learned that in the end, process is never simple and good design is always balanced and strong.

I am an artist working primarily in clay and occasionally paint. Pre-Covid, I split studio time between my home studio and my studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, but have been working only in my home studio since March 16. I am moving into a new studio at the TF and hope to get back to amore "normal" studio practice, making work there but likely continuing to be open by appointment only for the foreseeable future.

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