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Laurie Fields

Laurie Fields
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I am intrigued by all kinds of materials and love to imagine how to combine and integrate them into unexpected new patterns, creating new dynamics. Being able to bring together opposites into new relationships and harmonies with each other has always been deeply satisfying. A walk down the aisles of Home Depot can be as inspirational as watching a sunset. A piece of plexiglass, wood, tile or flashing might be the beginning of a new piece as I think of how to merge opposites of matte and gloss finishes, smooth and textured surfaces, geometric and free form images. There is an almost sensual pleasure when I scavenge through collections of used things of all kind- roofing, metal pieces, cabinet doors, sticks, leaves, clay, unfinished artwork- and think of how I can blend them into provocative new visual experiences for myself and others.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Hartford, I started my career as a textile designer in New York City. Two years later I was juried in as a resident artist at theFarmington Valley Arts Center in Avon, Connecticut where I received an Individual Artists Grant from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. My studio is now located at the Torpedo Factory ArtsCenter in Alexandria, Virginia, where I have been a resident artist since 1981. My work is in the collection of the Vanderbilt family, as well as such corporate collections as IBM, General Foods,Hyatt Regency, Westinghouse, Geico and others. It has been published in Cosmopolitan, Designer,Interior Design and Home Entertainment magazines. Over seventy of my images have been published as posters and are distributed worldwide. I recently started offering Fine Art Prints of my work, through my website.

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