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Jody West

Jody West
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There is always an inspiration to breathe new life into old found objects from the past. Regardless of the age or value of the material, using it to create a piece of assemblage artwork generates the potential to ignite a new appreciation for it.
My inspiration began from a treasure trove of photographs, ephemera, and antiques I inherited from my family. Now, virtually anything that crosses my path— during visits to antique stores, strolls through the woods, or simply rummaging through an old box that holds the possibility of a forgotten piece of histor - can inspire a piece. I bring a passion for design, collage, assemblage, antique ephemera, vintage photographs, and found objects to my work. Many pieces are inspired by one component, and the rest of the piece comes together as I add additional objects. Some pieces have a more personal meaning to me and some are just whimsical and inspired by joining some random salvaged items together in a new and interesting way.

Jody West was born in Cleveland, OH, then moved to Mt. Lebanon, PA during her high school years, and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and later Sanford-Brown College. She has spent over thirty years in the fields of graphic design and marketing and has been the recipient of many national and international graphic design awards.
Midway through her career, Jody began experimenting with mixed media sculpture. Pairing that with her love of antiques and vintage discarded items, she began a second career as an artist, creating found-object sculptures. Inaddition to creating her sculptures, Jody is the owner of Riverbend Art &Design, a graphic design studio, and also the owner of Forgotten Curiosities Antiques in Edinburg, VA. When not working or creating unique works of artand sculpture, Jody can most often be found spending time with her five children and nine grandchildren.

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