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Jennifer Brewer Stone

Jennifer Brewer Stone
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I strive to encourage awe by exploring natural subjects using saturated color, transparency, and attention to detail. My work includes hyper-realistic oil painting in my Dance of Life series and abstracted natural themes in my Texture series. My more recent works incorporate resin as well, and I have been experimenting with mixed media pieces that weave together elements from all three series. In all my work, I want to encourage viewers to pause and look more deeply. In nature, I’m most drawn to the bright colors and exotic forms found in tropical areas and underwater. I am fascinated by the idea that something in our world can look fantastical, but it really exists. In life I find the seemingly unconnected is often connected in unexpected ways. My work reflects these surprising contradictions: the subjects are still yet full of movement, fantastical yet real, softly balanced yet exuberantly colorful. I see my subjects on the canvas as dancers. Good dancers move around the dance floor with grace and never collide. They are at once connected and individual. Nature also has a contradiction of beauty and danger that attracts me. Some of the most brightly colored plants and animals are poisonous. These plants and animals tell me that sometimes you have to take risks to achieve beauty. Creating itself is risky to me; every new piece is a new, challenging adventure.

Jennifer Brewer Stone has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and English Literature from the University of Maryland College Park. She began painting full-time in 2008, and after 6 years as a resident artist at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, she has been working from her home in Arlington, VA for the past 2 years to further develop her portfolio. She has sold over 100 original artworks nationally and internationally, in addition to hundreds of reproductions. She has participated in over 45 shows in the DC metro area in the last 12 years. Her artwork has been featured in Élan magazine twice, and in The Washington Post. She was awarded a solo show at The Art League Gallery of Old Town Alexandria in July 2013 and was juried into the Torpedo Factory in March of 2012. She has been invited to show her work as part of the Art in Embassies program, at Strathmore Mansion, and at the National Institutes of Health.

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