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Fred Zafran

Fred Zafran
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The music and poetry of the photographic image is most important. In my photography, I am searching for images borne of a deep and beautiful silence - photographs that are expressive, ambiguous and which point beyond themselves. The principal barrier to image making is our readiness to receive… to see and to be moved by the world around us. In the midst of the day-to-day rounds, my photographs are of solitude, often a bit melancholy, but still hopeful. I find a subtle profundity in things partially seen, illuminated, but hidden in shadow. The successful image must be a strong (and yes, beautiful) image, able to stand alone, but must also be part of, and contribute to a larger poetic narrative. It doesn’t matter if the narrative can’t be verbalized or if the meaning is not readily apparent. I am happy if the images and sequence are emotionally resonant

Fred Zafran is a documentary photographer of ordinary things exploring the urban environment as metaphor and map of our inner human landscape. Photographing at the boundaries of illumination and darkness, Zafran’s work is a gentle observation of the city, its streets, and a few of us as we wander through the day and unanticipated moments of quiet and solitude. "The artistic motivation behind my work is quite simply the astonishment at the very fact of one’s own existence in the world.Everything deserves our careful attention and awareness…even the smallest details may contain great secrets. All photography is symbolic, and metaphor is more revealing than literal depiction."Fred Zafran lives in Loudoun County, VA and works in the Washington DC area. Fred is a juried artist of the Torpedo Factory Art Center, a member of Multiple

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