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Cynthia Corio-Poli

Cynthia Corio-Poli
Sample Work

My work consists of jewelry, glass, and enameled sculptures incorporating the use of color, form, texture, and transparency. My specialty is creating uniquely custom designed precious metal rings, adorned with gemstones and beautifully colored transparent vitreous enamels over textured metal.The process of my glass sculptures, objects, and some jewelry are created from blown borosilicate scientific glass tubing and rods that are formed in a torch. Additional techniques are casting glass using different colored crushed glass known as frit and fusing glass sheets in combination of fritsand other compatible materials. While I tend to make small works of art, they are by no means minimalistic. I pay special attention to the minuscule details.

It is no surprise that I became interested in jewelry since I was born and raised in the costume jewelry capital of the world, Providence, Rhode Island.I was lucky enough to have experienced what a true jewelry factory was all about and the old techniques used back then still have an impact on my work. Much of my experience began in Providence and continuing while involving myself in numerous workshops from experts in the trade. My more formal education was acquired at Montgomery College in Maryland while studying enameling. I attended the Gemological Institute of America with classes in gemology and jewelry manufacturing arts. I earned a degree in Fine Arts with a major in glass from Salem Community College in New Jersey. Color is key to my work, right along with transparency in order to enjoy the decorated substrates. I am enthralled with seeing below the surface. Being quite interested in small gentle sea creatures, my sculptures are usually free formed with soft lines and curves.

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