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Christine Parson

Christine Parson
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My work has been inspired by the world in which I live- the people, beach, woods, weather. I have worked in several mediums -printmaking - etching, collographs; painting in watercolors - portraits on wood and on paper; pastel - the view from my studio window; stained glass emphasizing shape and color; photography and collage. My beliefs led me to liturgical work exploring the divinity in each of us. I have explored the life of Christ as well as the people around him - the Madonna, Magdalene, saints, angels. My current work is based on my love of rocks and nature using photographs and collage together to create the image on wood or on canvas.

As a child I wanted to be a painter like my great grandfather - James Craig Nicoll. I studied art at the Corcoran School of Art and at Carnegie Mellon University. At the University of Virginia I opened a press and taught etching. I came to the Torpedo Factory Art Centerwhen it opened in 1974. I’ve been in studios on every floor of the Factory and in each studio I have been inspired by those around meas well as by the visitors to the Factory - one of whom brought me a wonderful cow skull from which to paint. I studied stained glass with another artist - George Churchill - with whom I collaborated on several liturgical works for churches.

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