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Christine Cardellino

Christine Cardellino
Sample Work

Human experience is complex—at once enchanting and confounding. Such deeply felt complexity fascinates me and inspires the theme that underlies all my work the very human need to make sense of the world around us and find—or create—meaning in our lives. This theme promotes investigation into subjects ranging from the philosophical to the mythological, the historical to the literary, the political to the psychological—endless fields of play that I can explore in acrylic paint and mixed media. I don’t have have a developed image in mind when I begin a piece. I start with a “germ” of an idea, and at some point imagination takes over, associations fly, and the paint itself has its way as the painting takes on a life of its own. The result typically includes both graphically realized figures and abstract elements that work on multiple levels. I hope that each painting engages viewers in away that encourages them to access their own imaginations and reconsider unchallenged beliefs

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