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Ann Barbieri

Ann Barbieri
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I strive for rhythm and movement in my paintings of the human figure. This holds true for my acrylic and collage works on paper as well. They are loose and sensuous and often have the suggestion of a figure somewhere within. I draw often from the model and that attempt to capture the gesture creeps into my work even if it's not meant to be figurative. When I start a painting the composition comes first.....the darks and lights, and after that it's just the process of painting with its qualities of inner adventure, self-discovery and exploration of color and form. The original image may be lost and regained several times making ( I hope) for a painting of richness and energy.

Acrylic paint is my favorite medium. Color is my inspiration. I begin each painting with a loose, watery line drawing, which I then develop by adding layers of opaque paint, scratching into it, adding collage, subtracting, using more line, and seeing where it all takes me.

My History: I always liked drawing but never took an art course until my senior year of college. I thought I'd found my calling. When we moved to Reston, VA and my youngest went off to kindergarten, I began studying art at NoVa, and the Corcoran, mostly drawing and printmaking. Painting came later and I've been learning ever since. Having a studio at the Torpedo Factory gives me access to the many fine teachers at The Art League, as well as a community of artists with whomto share ideas. I've shown in a few galleries in the area as well as participated in outdoor art festivals.

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