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Allen Levy

Allen Levy
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I consider each painting a new artistic journey. I am interested in the experimentation of color, light, and luminosity and strive to create a sense of balance with each composition. There is intense interplay between organic flow and structured ideas and the limitless possibilities that lie between. My paintings are driven by chance through layering, mixing, and pouring, to create a composition that is truly unique. As I paint, ideas emerge providing new opportunities and directions for me to explore and expose – but, I am also aware of my original scope of work which is structured and planned. The images often resemble “dreamscapes” of the landscape – a sunset, the weather, or even a season, but, all are subject to interpretation. As with every dream, each is unique, limitless and truly one-of-a-kind. My inspiration can come from a variety of sources including personal experiences, immediate surroundings, music, and the enjoyment of simply being creative. There are pieces that are densely and aggressively painted, and others that possess a more luminous and tranquil quality. I want my paintings to make you feel something and I use a range of mood, color and composition to get you there.

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