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Alicia Roman

Alicia Roman
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My wearable objects were first inspired by an adding machine wheel I found on a street in Moscow in 1991. A tiny treasure imprinted with reversed numbers along its perimeter, this miniature relic was the beginning of a line of jewelry combining mechanical parts, elements of nature such as insect wings, and aged bits of text into modern-looking objects “with a past.” I continue to create one-of-a-kind pieces using unusual materials such as magnets, rustymetal, cut-up credit cards, vintage film, and printed packaging from commercial products.

Alicia Roman's work explores the complexities of family history, tradition and life’s mysteries through the use of patinas, natural elements and found objects. Inspired by old family photo albums, she developed an interest in photography and began to contextualize vintage pictures into metaphorical narratives. Collage and printmaking are also key components. Papermaking and bookbinding led to a love of combining various patterns and text into storytelling. The intaglio process attracted her not only to the quality of the incised marks on the paper, but the deeply etched surfaces of the metal plates. All of these elements influenced her eventual connection to jewelrymaking, incorporating textured metals, torn book pages and photographs, dyed lenses, and bits from nature to tell a tale. She graduated from the Corcoran School of Art and has participated in numerous classes and workshops both as a learner and teacher. Her work has shown in galleries across the United States, as well as internationally, and is in many private collections. She lives in Alexandria, VA where she continues to make art and teach.

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