VAP Artist Talk Series : Michael Fischerkeller, June 4

Join us at 5pm in the main hall of the Torpedo Factory Art Center on Thursday, June 4, when artist Michael Fischerkeller speaks about his work.

A little more about the artist from his website:

With a rebellious undertone characteristic of street art, I strive to capture a shared social conscience by distilling increasingly complex political, social, and economic issues into elegant compositions to encourage civil discourse of the same. That which shapes our lives drives my creative process often resulting in satirical artwork encouraging an audience to critically view their world, see what is habitually overlooked, face what may be uncomfortable truths, and act to improve their lives and those of others.

At every opportunity I reference values, satirically or directly – integrity, humility, compassion, selflessness, trustworthiness, responsibility, and dependability. My canvases are large, of a size and weight to be consistent with the gravity of the issues to which they speak, and my messages are delivered primarily through acrylic spray paint.

By using the instrument of the street artist I seek to amplify the voice of the disenfranchised – the “street” – as it is least represented yet most often and most severely impacted by policies pertaining to the issues. Images from centuries-old artwork are often appropriated and embedded into coarse street-art compositions in ways that accommodate the painting instrument and the presentation of a contemporary issue. Such accommodation can be found in a pose, an expression, an allegorical representation or a mood created by a color palette.

Consistent with a remonstrative undertone, as this imagery was often created for royal courts or the social elite I consider its appropriation today in the service of socially-conscious work to be particularly fitting.

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