Creativity and community: becoming a Torpedo Factory member or a Visiting Artist in 2014

What does it take to become a Torpedo Factory artist? If you’re eager to join our community in 2014, we encourage you to think ahead, starting with two dates to mark on next year’s calendar.

If you intend to apply to be a Torpedo Factory artist, plan to bring your work to the building on Monday, March 24, 2014, the start of a four-day process during which a group of outside jurors—curators, art professors, gallery owners, or working artists—take a fair, thoughtful look at every applicant’s body of work. A new jury convenes every year, so we urge artists who didn’t make the cut in previous years to try again in 2014. (Take heart! Most of our artists, in fact, submitted their work to the jury several times before being accepted.)

We’ll host informational sessions about the jury during the winter, so keep checking the TFAA blog and the TFAC new artist jury webpage for updates. In the meantime, this detailed, behind-the-scenes blog post nicely demystifies the jury process, and painter and jury chair Michele Hoben provides additional background in this August 2012 interview.

Every year, new artists renew our community and keep the Torpedo Factory a fresh and dynamic destination for art lovers. Perhaps you’ll be next?

* * *

Working in public isn’t for everyone, but many of our artists didn’t know they had a knack for it until they tried it—so if you’d like to sample Torpedo Factory life, our Visiting Artist Program is a fine place to start. Emerging and experienced visual artists can apply for a summer residency of one to three months. You’ll set up shop in the studio of an artist who’s traveling or on sabbatical, and you’ll agree to work in front of, and interact with, the public five days a week—including weekends, our busiest time.

To apply, you’ll submit an application form and compile a CD with 15 examples of your work. In 2014, ceramicist and sculptor Jamie Fine will oversee the process, while an outside juror (to be determined) will thoughtfully evaluate each application.

The application deadline for summer 2014 will be January 31, 2014. It’s not too early to start planning: Keep an eye on the TFAC Visiting Artist Program webpage for updates and the official 2014 application packet, but also make sure to stop by and chat with us about life here on the waterfront. Remember, our studios aren’t just open to the art-loving public; we’re here to be resources for fellow artists, too.

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