Art into autumn: changes to the Torpedo Factory’s Visiting Artist Program

Our Visiting Artist Program has long been a wonderful way for artists to see what it’s like to work in public. Emerging and experienced visual artists apply for a residency of anywhere from one to three months, setting up shop in the studio of an artist who’s traveling or on sabbatical. They agree to work in front of, and interact with, the public five days a week—including weekends, our busiest time.

If you have your eye on the Visiting Artist Program, start pulling together your best work! We’re looking forward to seeing it. If you’ve applied in the past, please be aware of a couple of important changes.

In previous years, visiting artists could apply to stay with us only through August. We’re pleased to announce that in 2014, we’re extending the program to include the month of September—a move that we hope will open our studios to many more artists.

For 2014, we’ll also be switching to an easy-to-use online application. The service will cost each applicant $25, but we think the process will go much more smoothly as a result.

The application deadline for summer 2014 will be January 31, 2014. Keep an eye on the TFAC Visiting Artist Program webpage for the official application packet, and feel free to contact sculptor Jamie Fine, who oversees the program, at with any questions you may have.

And while you’re at it, don’t hesitate to stop by and chat with all of our artists about life here on the waterfront. Remember, our studios aren’t just open to the art-loving public; we’re here to be resources for fellow artists, too

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