Undersea scenes: Sheep Jones and Alison Sigethy collaborate in the studio 7 “Nook”

Sheep Jones, “Fish Hooks”

Our artists often collaborate, but the artists in studio 7 make a habit of it. Just ask Sheep Jones, who helps maintain the Nook, the site of a rotating monthly mini-exhibition just footsteps from her easel. “We’ve been collaborating with other Torpedo Factory artists in the Nook for five to six years now,” Jones says. “My studio mates and I take turns, and it’s up to each artist to feature their own work or collaborate with another artist.”

Known for paintings of underwater scenes and cutaway views of life beneath the surface of the earth, Jones builds powerful compositions around such motley forms as vegetables, honeybees, and fish. For this month’s Nook offering, she’s partnering with Alison Sigethy, whose sculpture and glass creations also capture the patterns and hues of the natural world.

“Her glass fish and bubble tubes are a delightful complement to my oil paintings of fish,” Jones says. Through April, she and Sigethy invite visitors to plumb their piscatory visions—and ponder how artists who work in contrasting media can see things in distinctive but equally wonderful ways.

See more of the work of Sheep Jones at the Torpedo Factory, at www.sheepjones.com, and at the exhibition “Regarding Nature,” which celebrates 25 years of the Steven Scott Gallery in Baltimore. Visit Alison Sigethy at the Torpedo Factory in studio 307, and explore her Sea Core Bubble Tubes at www.alisonsigethy.com.

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  1. I met both of these artists when I visited the TFAC. These were 2 of my favorites…I love their work, and they were both so gracious to a fellow visiting artist. Thanks Ladies! I wish you all the best with this nook exhibit. I am going to try and visit soon.

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