Timothy Hyde’s “Washington Daybreak” is on exhibit at the Multiple Exposures Gallery

Timothy Hyde’s new exhibit, Washington Daybreak, is currently on exhibit at the Multiple Exposures Gallery, from February 16, and be up until March 27. Please stop by on Sunday, February 28th, 2-4pm for the  opening reception for the show.

Washington Daybreak is all new work by Hyde.  It explores the notion of a particular time of day in a particular metro area—a city that also happens to be the center of the nation’s government.  It is about Washington, DC starting its day.

Timothy Hyde has long been known for his night photography in exhibits and publications.  In 2015, some of this work was published in his book with North Lights Press, “Approaching Darkness.”   The consistent thread through all of this work is his assertion that familiar things are different at night, that scenes we think we know become less certain—maybe less knowable–when seen at night.

In many ways, the same things can be said about daybreak.  Washington seen through the lens in the pre-dawn hours and at sunrise looks different than it does when viewed in the daytime.  Maybe we can learn some new things about this well-known city.


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