Three angles, multiple views: Tory Cowles and Bev Ryan at “plan b” in D.C.

When Paula Amt, co-founder of plan b gallery in D.C., decided to create a show that focused on abstraction, color, and pattern, she turned to Baltimore artist Greg Minah—and two Torpedo Factory artists, Tory Cowles and Bev Ryan.

Bev Ryan, “Delta”

“Although these artists have very different approaches, the result in each case is colorful, vibrant, and dynamic,” says Amt, who often looks to the Torpedo Factory to learn what’s new with local artists.

“Our connection with Torpedo Factory artists precedes even our opening eight years ago,” she explains. “I was a member of a co-op gallery with a number of Torpedo Factory artists, and so when this opportunity to have a gallery came up in 2005, many were already on our radar.”

When we checked in with Amt, she was quick to point out why Cowles, Ryan, and Minah caught her eye.

On Bev Ryan:

“Beverly Ryan is a master of narrative painting, but her background in textiles also comes to light in her more abstract and iconic imagery. These paintings, with botanical or industrial inspiration, incorporate all her talents with color, design, storytelling and power.”

Tory Cowles, No. 696

On Tory Cowles:

“With a background in architecture, design, and craftsmanship, Tory Cowles starts without a plan for her paintings. They evolve from the gesture of paint application, some collaged materials, and the manipulation of color and composition.”

On Greg Minah:

“Greg Minah’s paintings, by technique, seem unplanned, relying on the movement of liquid paint. Contrarily, through experimentation, repetition, and sheer strength and patience, Minah plans and strategizes with the paint to achieve a specific effect.”

Refresh your perspective at plan b, 1530 14th St. NW, within walking distance of the DuPont Circle and U Street Metro stations. The show runs from September 7 through October 13, 2013, with an opening reception on Saturday, September 7 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Of course, you can also see more work by two of these artists here at the Torpedo Factory—Bev Ryan is in studio 333 and Tory Cowles in studio 7.

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