The New Members Show at the Multiple Exposures Gallery

Founded in 1985, the Multiple Exposures Gallery (MEG) in studio 312 has become an important gathering point for photographers not only in the Torpedo Factory but also across the D.C. area. Its fifteen members are well-regarded experts, specialists, technicians, and artists—and one of them is always in the studio to answer your questions about the photographers and their work.

Through Sunday, March 24, 2013, MEG will host the New Members Show, which features work by the three most recent photographers to join the gallery. Stop in and look around! We think you’ll come away with a new understanding of the breadth and potential of photographic art.

Fred Zafran, “In the Cathedral”

Based in Loudoun County, Virginia, Fred Zafran documents the urban environment, focusing on “streetscapes, cityscapes, and a ‘few of us’ as we wander through the day.” His images are built from patterns of shadow, light, and darkness discovered while exploring the small corners of the luminous world around us.

“I am very honored to be part of MEG. This truly is a select group of photographers, one characterized by fifteen diverse views and ways of working, but linked by a shared intellectual curiosity, a dedication to craft, and a sustained commitment to the art of photography. As MEG’s newest member, I am most grateful perhaps, for the opportunity for exchange and learning in an organization of mutual support and encouragement.”


Soomin Ham, “Sisters,”
from Unseen series

Soomin Ham studied music at Ewha Women’s University in Seoul and earned a degree in photography and multimedia from NYU. Often employing experimental methods and materials, she describes her work as “based on ideas from memories and experiences that are a congregation of the conscious and unconscious absorbed in daily life.”

“It’s been a wonderful year for me since I became a member of Multiple Exposures Gallery in 2012. I’ve had great experiences with so many talented people who share their knowledge and passion for photography, which inspires me greatly. It always impresses me to see each individual’s unique vision and approach to their ideas. I’m grateful to be part of a well known art center in the Washington, D.C., area. Interacting with the visitors and Torpedo Factory artists who share their thoughts and experiences often provides me with valuable motivation.”

Tim Hyde,
“Standing Stones of Stenness,
Orkney Islands, Scotland”

Raised in the Midwest, Tim Hyde brings multiple careers to his work as a photographer: logging, freelance writing, teaching, filmmaking, political consulting, public relations, and stints as a legislative analyst and corporate executive. He’s known among his colleagues for his relentless traveling and for his fascination with places and communities facing extinction or change.

“Being part of MEG and the Torpedo Factory has proven rewarding. I have other gallery relationships, but there is something about being physically part of an art community and interacting daily with clients that cannot be delegated. MEG and the Torpedo Factory give me an immediate and, well, tactile audience for my work. Of course, this ‘audience’ is much more than just people who buy my photographs, but people who look at them, other artists and photographers, and the whole wider community at the Torpedo Factory.”

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