Pint-sized potters: Local Brownies earn badges with Torpedo Factory sculptors

Small hands can shape amazing things: Just ask the 16 Brownies who recently earned pottery badges by spending the day with TFAA sculptor Lisa Schumaier.

“It was fun,” Schumaier says. “I took eight girls at a time in my studio, while the other half of the group toured the pottery studios on the first floor.”

Delighted by the cat-inspired wares of Solveig Cox, the Alexandria second-graders discovered the creative potential of pottery and sculpture—and weren’t hesitant to get truly hands-on.

“They made pinch pots,” Schumaier says, “and then I helped them make little birds with nail legs like the ones I make.”

The visit was the brainchild of assistant troop leader Shelly Roy, who worked near the Torpedo Factory several years ago. She and her daughters often take art classes in the building, so she knew her Brownies would have a terrific time here.

“The girls really enjoyed their experience,” she says, “both playing and making things with the clay and also exploring the other galleries.”

What about the assistant troop leader herself? Roy replies with an inspired smile: “I now have clay on my shopping list.”

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