“Palmengarten”: Bev Ryan brightens up a German restaurant

Bev Ryan, “Trip to the
Botanical Garden”

Back in the winter, Bev Ryan’s paintings were the focus of a thought-provoking solo show inspired by our troubled economic times—but now that summer is here, her art has turned to greet a brighter, warmer season.

“After the serious nature of that other body of work, I was ready to ease up and allow my love of color and form to emerge for a while,” Ryan says. En route to Turkey for much of the summer, she stopped off in Germany to visit family and install a summer-long show of her new “Palmengarten” series at Premier Cru, a restaurant in the city of Darmstadt.

“My daughter lives in Germany, and I don’t get to see her often,” Ryan says. “I wanted to celebrate a great day we had together last summer in the amazing botanical garden in Frankfurt.”

The four 40″-by-40″ paintings—all of them on display at beverlyryan.com—convey a sheer sense of joy that highlights Ryan’s artistic range and complements the slogan on the restaurant’s home page: Den Gaumen und die Seele verwöhnen lassen, “Let palate and soul indulge.”

“I was in the mood for a more lighthearted group of paintings,” she says. “I like to move back and forth between my explorations of color and form and the more narrative work. Each style is a relief from the other!”

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