New perspectives in November: Fotographers at the Factory and FotoWeek DC

Clifford Wheeler, “Axes, Bold as Love”

No one quite knows how all of our in-house photographers ended up in studios on the third floor, but in the weeks ahead, that’s where many of our visitors will focus, as the Torpedo Factory participates in FotoWeek DC, a region-wide array of exhibitions and workshops that has recently grown to encompass all of November.

This ambitious event, Fotographers at the Factory’s Second Annual Invitational Exhibit, promises to be one of the largest photography shows in the area. The photographers with studios at the Torpedo Factory will join more than two dozen additional photographers associated with the art center to show off an unlimited range of styles, subjects, and techniques. The hallways of the Torpedo Factory’s entire third floor will be lined with photographs, while studios and galleries will be filled with new work—more than 300 linear feet in all, a football field in total length—that expands the boundaries of fine-art photography.

In studio 305, Craig Sterling will show off photographs of Venice, a city that has long beguiled and inspired him.

Min Enghauser, “Cloud”

See landscapes anew in studio 309, where Min Enghauser will unveil her latest “Tychs,” eye-popping and vividly detailed diptychs, triptychs, and polyptychs.

At the Multiple Exposures Gallery in studio 312, explore the FotoWeek Members Show with juror Tom Beck, curator of the Albin O. Kuhn Gallery at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He selected images from among the work of fifteen MEG members—and the resulting show is sure to be stunning.

Greg Knott in studio 317 will debut new “0 Editions” of his popular works: photographic prints matted with the one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn conceptual sketch that led to the final work.

Francine B. Livaditis, “Heavenly Notes”

In studio 328, Francine B. Livaditis, whose eye is drawn to architectural subjects, will display visions of Las Vegas and a selection of what she’s intriguingly dubbing “Bits & Pieces.”

“Sometimes it takes years for me to understand or explore the possibilities of an image,” says James Steele. “I have to wait until they are ready to speak to me.” Come see Steele’s “Zen” in studio 343.

Jo Ann Tooley, “North River Mills Church”

Pete McCutchen zooms in to find beauty and drama in the overlooked detail; check out his “Geometrics” in studio 344.

Meet Torpedo Factory photographers at a reception on the third floor on Thursday, November 14, 2013, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and explore many of the Fotographers at the Factory exhibitions through December 31. Whether you’re a newcomer to fine-art photography, a longtime collector, or a photographer yourself, you’ll find beauty, surprises—and a fascinating change of perspective.

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