From chandeliers to exotic creatures: spring news from Torpedo Factory artists

From tulips to cherry blossoms, an eye-popping array of color is finally abloom here along the Potomac! Spring is a time for inspiration and renewal—and naturally, our artists are as busy as ever.

* * *

Known for her evocative Sea Core Bubble Tubes, Alison Sigethy recently exhibited her work at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York—an experience that led to a terrific new opportunity.

On May 1, 2014, she’ll show her work at the annual Top Designs & Sounds event, a benefit for the world-famous Nantucket Music Festival. Featuring “an assortment of the most forward-thinking, elegant creations for home interiors,” the event

“I feel very strongly that each of my sculptures, and every component in them, be unique,” Sigethy says. “So naturally, I’m thrilled to be included in an event where there is such an emphasis on custom work.”

Gina De Franco, the organizer for the event, praised Sigethy’s work for being “balanced and symmetrical while still being fluid,” adding: “You simply can’t take your eyes off them.”

* * *

Congrats to Kathy DeZarn Beynette, whose new book When I Am Not Myself debuted this month! Featuring Beynette’s latest menagerie of weird, wonderful creatures, the book pairs sketches and paintings with gentle, playful tales that show children how we’re all connected, no matter how different we may seem.
Adults are just as drawn to Beynette’s work, too—and through April 27, 2014, you can see more of her strange and delightful paintings in “Paintings by Kathy Beynette” at gallery plan b in Washington, D.C.
* * *

Jackie Ehle, “Road Trip”

If you’ve visited the second floor of the Torpedo Factory—or participated in Arts Safari in the past couple of years—you’ve surely met Jackie Ehle, who builds wild and whimsical animals out of recycled objects and other bits and pieces. But if you haven’t seen her lately, that’s because she and her family recently moved to New Orleans.

Ehle says she’s hoping to open a gallery by next year; keep an eye on her website for updates! In the meantime, her work will appear in several shows, including “Like a Tom Waits Song,” an exhibition at the Arc Gallery in San Francisco that features art inspired by the music of the legendary singer.

* * *

You’ll find music-inspired art closer to home, too. Through April 27, 2014, the Scope Gallery here at the Torpedo Factory is hosting “Get Into the Groove,” in which members of the Kiln Club show off pottery that gives tangible form to popular music—from “Autumn Leaves” by Nat King Cole expressed through elegant vases and platters to golden salt-and-pepper shakers reminding you that “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

Backed by their in-studio soundtrack, the potters in this show are calling it “musical motivations with mud”—a reminder that fine art can be serious fun.

 * * *

Our artists also have international reach. If you happen to be in Prague next month, take time to see “Wide Asleep/Half Awake,” a show by Torpedo Factory photographer Michael Borek. Presented by the U.S. Embassy, the solo exhibition will be held at the Europa House Gallery from May 6 through May 30, 2014.

Praising his work, the Washington Post observed that Borek’s dreamlike photographs “hang in an eternal twilight.” Explore them for yourself—and see how these evocative images balance the unsettling and the poignant.
* * *

Painter Sheep Jones is known for maintaining a “nook” in studio 7 where she collaborates with other Torpedo Factory artists or displays her work with theirs in unique combinations.

Lately, she’s been painting a “Shed and Chandelier” series, so this month she invited two of her colleagues, sculptor Chris Erney and jewelry maker Dejan Jovanovic, to join her.

Stop by Jones’s studio to say hello—and see what happens when artists who work in three different media take the same iconography out for a spin.

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