“EVERYTHING IS AN ART PROJECT (and so are you)”: Kathy Beynette to speak at Morrison House

How do you build a career—and a life—in the arts? Tomorrow night as part of the Morrison House Cultural Discussion Series, Torpedo Factory artist Kathy DeZarn Beynette will answer that question by way of her own personal journey—a path blazed by wild and wonderful creatures.

Beynette has had quite a year: Her delightful, rhyme-packed When Your Porcupine Feels Prickly was a ForeWord Reviews finalist for 2012 Children’s Picture Book of the Year and was recently nominated for a 2013 Library of Virginia Award. In her Tuesday-night lecture, she’ll discuss how writing led her to painting, which led her back to writing, with storytelling always serving as the guiding passion.

“I hope my paintings stand alone without explanations, but a lecture like the one at Morrison House really connects the dots between the artist, the art, and the viewer,” she says, adding that inspiring others to chase their creative spark is a big part of being a Torpedo Factory artist: “This glimpse backstage happens every day for our visitors. They have the opportunity to ask questions and watch our process. It’s the great, unique experience that keeps people returning to our studios.”

Beynette will also discuss the surprising turning points that define a career. In her case, the earliest collectors of her work boosted her confidence—and confirmed that her artistic world of stubborn raccoons and bee-sized children, where you might just meet a skunk with a human face staring down a cupcake, was a place that others were eager to visit.

“They changed everything,” she says, “not just by purchasing paintings, but by letting me know, time after time, that they ‘get’ me!”

Come hear Kathy Beynette explain that “EVERYTHING IS AN ART PROJECT (and so are you)” on Tuesday, May 7, 2013, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Morrison House, 116 South Alfred Street in Alexandria, just seven blocks from the Torpedo Factory. Admission is free! Look for Beynette at the Torpedo Factory in studio 5 and online at beynette.com.

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