An artful proposal: wedding and engagement rings at the Torpedo Factory

Dejan Jovanovic, “Wedding Band III”

If you’re caught up in the spring and summer wedding season, you may be pondering a proposal of your own. As you start giving serious thought to engagement rings and wedding bands, come to the Torpedo Factory. We’re proud to have more than 30 brilliant jewelers under one roof, all of them capable of putting a true work of art on your finger—or creating a custom ring that expresses your love at its quirkiest.

Cynthia Corio-Poli, “Starry Night”

Several of our jewelers have long shown that a nod to tradition can be both gorgeous and unique. The lathe-turned wedding bands of Susan Sanders convey an elegance that’s both modern and timeless, while the enameling and hot glass of Cynthia Corio-Poli evokes a painter’s palette in ways that art lovers find irresistible.

Torpedo Factory artists often give shape to concepts we’re hard pressed to put into words. Dejan Jovanovic, for example, seeks vivid inspiration in archaeology and the textures of ancient architecture. Others, like Kim Jones and Marcos Teixeira, make wild, wearable sculptures rooted in their fascination with nature—one-of-a-kind rings they can shape to suit your passions.

Kim Jones, “Arch Ring”

If you’re looking for something sunny, visit Dawn Benedetto, who’ll show you rings that playfully combine sterling silver, glass, and Lucite. She dubs them “a line of jewelry that doesn’t take life too seriously,” but you may just decide that joyous color is perfect way to commemorate a serious commitment.

Marcos Teixeira, “Sun Moon Stars Ring”

One of our jewelers surely shares your sense of the world. When photographer Guido Krueger arrived at the Torpedo Factory last year, he asked jeweler Eric Margry to make him a piece that expressed his background in mathematics and software architecture. The resulting silver ring is a work of both beauty and precision: Margry’s incredibly detailed engraving shows the first 25 digits of “pi” and the Leibniz formula used to calculate it.

Browse the complete list of Torpedo Factory jewelry makers, and plan your visit. Rings symbolize eternity, so here more than anywhere, you’re bound to find an artist who can craft the perfect symbol of what your relationship is truly about: past, present, and future.

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  1. Don’t forget to visit Studio 201 Metallum where Gretchen Raber, Barbro Gendell and Estelle Vernon design wedding rings in their own individual styles.

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