Power of art exemplified in the latest Associate Gallery Pop-Up

Art is the expression or application of creativity, inspiration and imagination for the appreciation of its beauty and the emotions it invokes. For some artists, art saves them; it speaks of emotions, of the transformation of their energy into a work of art. And for the viewer and art collector, it is that instantaneous connection to the energy evoked. Four Torpedo Factory Associates exemplify the power of art in the latest Associate Gallery Pop-Up show series in Studio 12 from November 17 – 30th.

Erika Cleveland2Fiber artist Erika Cleveland makes transformative healing dolls, honoring and celebrating the courage it takes to change as people and “literally go beyond our form.” Erika brings years of experience as an art therapist to her creative endeavors.

“My dolls represent the dilemma that humans face in being spiritual beings in a physical body,” says Cleveland. “I am fascinated with change and transformation and my dolls represent the vulnerability of what it is to be human, to face the uncertainty of life with courage and openness.”

Susan SherwinPainter Susan Sherwin is a “casual portrait” artist seeking emotional appeal in a subject relying on the situation, location and mood to transform a realistic likeness from a photograph into dynamic brushstrokes.

Her career as a theatrical costume designer shaped how she tells a visual story. “It is pleasurable,” she notes, “to let the mind explore the edges.” After years of seeing “reality” in theatre with heightened colors, dramatic lighting, and stylized settings, she utilizes all those elements along with an unusual sense of cropping and composition in her work to shift perception to review emotion and vulnerabilities.


FierceSoniaphotoMixed Media artist Fierce Sonia is no stranger to change and transformation of her art. Collage has been a consistent theme in her ever-evolving photography, fusing images and acrylic paintings. She has chosen a process of layering to blur the surface to create a new stylized reality shifting our view of the subject matter.

As a figure model for The Art League School and muse for numerous artists in the Torpedo Factory, Sonia has always steeped herself in art. She draws inspiration for her own unique vision from the energy around her, in textures and vibrancy. “I often work in obsessive series,” she notes, “retelling the story over and over much like a folk tale is folded over the mouth many times.”

Branden2Painter Brandon Newton finds energy and spirit in familiar subjects and scenes while twisting perspective and scale through divergent tones, brushstrokes and blurring. His style may be deemed expressionistic, capturing striking combinations of shadow and light with palette knife or pastel colors that evoke the drama of a night landscape with glimpses of highlight. Painting both plein air and in his studio, Branden works exclusively in oils.

“I view my work as an opportunity to reach out and let others in,” he says. “My passion to paint comes from a deep desire to communicate and better understand the things that surround me.”

Join these artists in Studio 12 for the next two weeks and join the artists on Friday, November 21st for an opening reception 3-5pm!


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