It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Really, it is! Where else can you get all your holiday shopping done for all those discerning relatives and friends than at this latest of the Associate Member pop-ups? There’s something for every kind of art lover – collage, mixed media, photography, painting, and mosaic – made by world-renowned artists creating unique

Felicia Belair-Rigdon’s  museum-quality collage works on handmade paper use drawing and mixed media. Felicia’s new Memory Boxes are arresting. While not a new idea, the creation of these marvelous pieces was prompted by the Memory Jugs of past days. Her work has been shown at the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s Hemicycle Gallery, The Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond, The Baltimore Museum, and The Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. While Felicia maintained a studio at the Factory for 22 years, her return to the artist collective as an Associate has been filled with deja vu! Don’t miss out on her special hand made cards for the holidays.

Liz Roberts transitioned into painting after a long career as a registered nurse. Beginning with representational watercolor painting, her style has evolved to more of a loose, non-objective style that is quite expressive. “A painting will take me a long time to complete,” she notes. “Many hours are spent experimenting, applying paint, taking it off, adding more, even sandpaper comes into use. I use collage when I feel the painting is on the right pathway towards completion, and even then I might change something. At some point it just feels right, and I know the painting is finished.”

Carol Talkov  is a mosaicist artist working primarily in stone, smalti glass, minerals, and and gems. Her works range from representative to evocative, her subjects typically drawn from nature or place. Having studied theatrical design, many will see the intricate work continue in her current pieces. Carol also operated the well-regarded Carol Studios Inc., an interior designer’s workroom for 27 years. Her nuanced fabric and drapery sensibility made her a sought-after design partner and consultant internationally. Her work has been shown in House Beautiful, Southern Accents, and Architectural Digest, among others. Be sure to check out her mosaic jewelry, too!

A native of Ukraine, Val Proudkii has been internationally recognized for using his camera to capture the unique scenes he has witnessed on the streets of various cities and small villages around the world. His photography tells visual stories leading the viewer to connect with the emotion of a well-timed a-ha moment.

And hopefully all the visitors of Studio 12 will have an a-ha moment as well. Remember to make your list and check it twice for all your holiday purchases and remember the beauty of an original piece of artwork for a gift this holiday season.

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