Associates’ Gallery Pop-up #6: December 15 – December 28

Clockwise from top-left, works by: Fritz Desroches, Barbara Muth, Norma Hintze, Marilynn Spindler

Deck the halls with…Fine Art! Fah-la-la-la-la. As we segue into the sixth of our Associate pop-up shows, we reflect back on a year of beauty, inspiration and collaboration. As we sum up this amazing time in Studio 12 this season, there are many words to describe the artists and their process. Join the artists on Saturday afternoon, December 20th for an opening reception.

Jubilation, that’s what Fritz Desroches paints. His canvases are an extension of a dream landscape of colors, movement and happiness depicting the Caribbean culture, notably Haitian. Using an airbrush with acrylic base colors on canvas, Fritz paints landscape, seascape and photo-realism portraits. His scenes of everyday life show extreme overstretching of the limbs and at the same time maintain a proportional balance of these limbs.

Painter Marilynn Spindler uses paint to tell the story behind the façade in her landscapes using bold color, strong contrast and painterly application. Marilynn attributes growing up in a rural area to her interest with vintage architecture and it’s setting. Drawing is an important element to her both in the creative process and as an expressive means in itself so she purposely creates areas of drawing in her paintings.

Barbara Muth works primarily with narrative paintings that feature the human figure. The works for this show include a series of abstract paintings symbolizing hopes and prayers for the New Year. “The world has struggled so much this year, with violence at the individual level in the current crop of police violence to wars involving large scale dislocation of people, with illnesses that take the lives of loved ones to an epidemic of ebola that had me wanting to go volunteer in Liberia, “ says Muth. “There are many things I want to do that I cannot, but I can offer up these prayers, my hopes for peace and healing in the coming year.”

Elegance and beauty is what ceramicist Norma Hintze creates in her amazing crystalline vases that are not to be missed.

It’s been a wonderful season of sharing by the Associate members of the Torpedo Factory. We’re looking forward to even more in 2015!

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