Vaseful Vocabulary: The Framework of Forms opens in Scope Gallery


Alexandria, Va., May 3– Back to clay’s classroom as artists school appreciators on vessels and the vocabulary of the trade.

Slang takes on a whole new meaning with wheel-thrown works, as the Washington Ceramic Guild potters reveal their coolest moves whether it be to wedge, pull or trim.

Pottery profiles date back to ancient times, with China’s ginger jar, Greece’s amphora and Japan’s ikebana vases.

Shop and learn about altered vessels or pinch pots. Choose between a vase that has been fired in an electric or gas, pit fired or gone through a raku kiln. Ask about under vs. high-fire glazes. Bring in a ceramic laundry-list of inquiries, from stains to soaking and shrinkage.

Artists can converse in odd terms: Bat, rib, cone, slip. A potter not only throws a pot, but pulls a handle, compresses a lip and collar a neck. Cram on the jargon for making a lidded jar and know the expressions to make an impressionable centerpiece.

Fire off questions about firings and study the stages pottery from leather hard, greenware, bone dry, bisqueware and finally glazeware that is gallery-ready. Absorb digestible facts about vitrification and absorption.

Visit this educational show, pick up a bowl, jar, mug or plate and grasp how it came to be.

The “Vaseful Vocabulary: The Framework of Forms” Ceramic Guild show at Scope Gallery runs May 3 to 29, hours are Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with Thursdays open until 9 p.m. The gallery is located at 105 North Union Street, ground floor Studio 19, Alexandria, VA. 22314. For further information, call Scope Gallery at 703-548-6288, visit, and ‘Scope Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center’ on Facebook; follow @scopegallery on Twitter.
The Ceramic Guild is an organization of over 40 juried Washington D.C. area artists working in the clay medium. Organization members exhibit themed shows every other month at the artist-run cooperative Scope Gallery in Alexandria’s Torpedo Factory Art Center. Visit Scope Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center on Facebook and; follow @scopegallery on Twitter.

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