Text/Subtext : A multi-studio show celebrating the written word

Modern artists have long used the written word as a mode of self-expression in their work opening a dialogue with their viewers and inviting that audience into a unique perspective and cerebral discussion.

Text/Subtext is an all-media show featured throughout the Torpedo Factory Arts Center (TFAC) October 18 – November 15, 2014. Participating member artists have been inspired to use text, either real, simulated or implicit in their selected works.

Featuring close to 80 TFAC member artists, Text/Subtext brings together diverse mediums and artists from across the region to celebrate the use of text, it’s meaning and the emotions we draw from its use.

Bang Bang Bang by Fierce Sonia, Studio 7

Bang Bang Bang by Fierce Sonia, Studio 7

Painters join printmakers, fiber artists, mixed media artists, photographers, jewelry makers, sculptors, enamelists, mosaic artists, glass artists and more for this celebration of the TFAC’s 40th Anniversary.

Photographer Julie Patrick, Associate Member since 2002, blurs the viewer’s understanding of text in her submission, Hurricane Neon, featuring a color palate run wet as the viewer sees through a water streaked window to the neon signs nearby during a heavy storm. “Text,” says the artist, “is implied, though what is created through it’s distortion speaks to me.”

jpatrick_20140620-12 copy 2

Julie Patrick’s Hurricane Neon can be seen in Studio 24


Artist Studio Medium
Peg Bruhn 3 Painting
Cindy Packard Richmond 3 Painting
Kathy Beynette 5 Improv
Caroline McCatty 5 Improv
Carlos Beltran Baldiviezo 6 Sculpture
Sheep Jones 7 Oil
Bev Ryan 7 Painting
Fierce Sonia 7 Mixed Media
Fiberworks Studio 14 Fiber
Gloria Barbre 14 Fiber
Candace Edgerley 14 Fiber
Tamara Embrey 14 Fiber
Annemarie Feld 14 Fiber
Virginia Maxwell 14 Fiber
Heasoon Rhee 14 Fiber
Saaraliisa Ylitalo 14 Fiber
Zita Simutis 14 Fiber
Barbara Muth 15 Acrylic
Tanya Davis 15 Watercolor
Liz Roberts 15 Acrylic
Lisa Schumaier 16 Sculpture
Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery 18 Fiber
Scope Gallery 19 Clay
Susan Greenleaf 22 Clay
Brenda Kollman 22 Raku
Elke Seefeldt 22 Clay
Jessica Beels 23 Pulp Fiber on Wire
Jennifer Bernhard Hatfield 23 Clay
Vivian Johnson 23 Clay
Dana Lehrer Danze 23 Clay
Rebecca Ravenal 23 Clay
Karin Abromaitis 24 Clay
Diana Chamberlain 24 Porcelain
Marcel Deolazo 24 Clay
Carolyn Dutky Romano 24 Clay
Julie Patrick 24 Photography
Joan Ulrich 24 Clay
Jamaliah Morais 25 Ink (Sumi-e)
Marilynn Spindler 25 Oil Painting
Mirella Monti Belshe 27 Sculpture
Joyce Zipperer 27 Sculpture
Enamelists Gallery 28 Enameling
Susan Finsen 29 Mixed Media Painting
Carol Levin 30 Sculpture
Carol Talkov 30 Mosaic
Brian Grow 32 Clay
Tatyana Schremko 32 Sculpture
Rachel Kerwin 203 Smoke on Paper
Charlene Cross 204 Enameling
Marcos Teixeira 204 Painting
Viviane de Kosinsky 208 Printmaking
Gerda Atzl 214 Crystal Engraving
Mathew Harwood 222 Painting/Drawing
Joan Kasprzak 225 Clay
Mina Oka Hanig 225 Encaustic
Alicia Roman 226 Jewelry
Eric Margry 229 Jewelry
Anna Yakubovskaya 302 Silk Painting
Jose  Piedra 303 Painting
Alison Sigethy 307 Glass
Chris Cardellino 313 Painting
Gregg Knott 317 Photography
Ann Di Placido 320 Tapestry
Guy Jones 320 Drawing
Ann Barbieri 322 Acrylic and Collage
Liang Wei 324 Chinese Brush Painting
Printmakers, Inc 325 Printmaking
Penelope Barringer 325 Printmaking
Anne Buchal 325 Printmaking
Judith Coady 325 Printmaking
Avis Flemming 325 Printmaking
John Gosling 325 Printmaking
Alex Gray 325 Printmaking
Laura Huff 325 Printmaking
Edward McCluney 325 Printmaking
Norma Pfaff 325 Printmaking
Joseph Regan 325 Printmaking
Patrick Sargent 325 Printmaking
Priscilla Young 325 Printmaking
Ann Citron 329 Fiber
Ellen Kolansky 329 Painting
Jamie Fine 330 Clay
Val Proudkii 330 Photography
Lesley Clarke 330 Painting
Marcel Deolazo 330 Clay
Erika Cleveland 332 Fiber
Marsha Staiger 332 Painting
Erika Cleveland 332 Fiber
Mary H. Lynch 339 Oil on Canvas Shapes
Lesley Clarke 341 Painting

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