Will you reach Terminal Velocity at Art on the Avenue this weekend?

Terminal Velocity is the second in a series of custom-built self-propelled vehicles created by Torpedo Factory’s Christopher Erney. This two-wheeled cruiser is decked out with a pair of heavenly wings that can be activated by a specially engineered shifting mechanism which the rider controls. The art bike also sports one of Chris’ handmade skull ornaments and a very loud horn.


The Terminal Velocity art bike was a gift given by the Torpedo Factory Art Center and Studio 33’s Chris Erney to VéloCity Bicycle Cooperative, a Del Ray non-profit that works to empower all levels of cyclists in building, maintaining, and embracing the fun of bicycles. VéloCity is a volunteer-run workshop offering training, rides and events to educate, encourage, and empower a vibrant and inclusive cycling community through learning. This is a fun bike if we ever saw one!


Do you have your own idea for a custom bike?

Support for Chris’ art bikes from the community has been amazing and he hopes that next year there will be even more enthusiasm. VéloCity is eager to offer special workshops for those who are interested in building their own custom art bikes, too.

Watch (and listen) for the Terminal Velocity bike at Art on the Avenue, October 4 from 10AM – 6PM in Del Ray. If you see the bike, don’t forget to snap a picture and tag @torpedofactory on Twitter and Instagram.

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