A Note from the Jury Chair

The 2015 Jury season was a great success due to the wonderful efforts of many people.

As you all know our Jury system changed this year into two parts. We had a total of 70 applicants for Phase I. 42 were admitted to Phase II (27 2D and 15 3D) and from this 11 very talented artists were successfully juried into the TFAA.

There are many people to thank for the success of this year’s jury. I’d like to thank the Printmakers for the use of their studio which is always beneficial in allowing all work to be viewed and moved easily.

A huge thanks to the Jury Committee (Michele Hoben, Ann Patterson, Annemarie Feld, Tory Cowles, Min Enghauser, Judy Coady, McCain McMurray, Carlos Beltran) whose considerable efforts over the last months recruiting candidates, vetting potential jurors, suggesting better ways of doing things as well as doing the demanding, energy and patience-draining work required during the four jury days of Phase II. A special thank you to Michele for being very patient with me as I asked her question after question and she never tired of giving me her time. It is a pleasure working with this great group of experienced and dedicated Committee members!

So many people helped with the logistics of getting all the applicants to the third floor, checking them in, and arranging their work to their best advantage for the jury, and then checking them out again. Lois Benson, Sheep Jones, Pauline Siple and Susan Sherwin stood curbside to manage parking, welcomed and directed the applicants to the third floor.

Richard – you were so kind to come in even earlier to make sure the doors were open and things were in place for receiving day and Juror days.

Many thanks to all the art handlers who worked mostly behind the scenes to carry, set up, take down and return applicant’s work safely. Zoya Gutina, Tanya Davis, Jennifer Stone, Dejan Jovanovic, Ellen Delaney, Heasoon Rhee, Betty Grisham, Annmarie Feld and Susan Sherwin (who did double duty with a smile on her face).

The registration volunteers for both check-in and check-out were respectful, circumspect, patient and empathetic. Barbara Muth, Carol Lopatin, Tory Cowles, James Steele, James Dean, Laura Edwards, Betty Grisham were all professional, warm and focused. Pete McCutchen did a wonderful job again as CD handler, preparing the files to be viewed in the Jury room in a very efficient manner.

During the jury days, there is a whole team of people that streamline and facilitate the jury process. Both sets of jurors commented on how wonderful it was to have an assistant to help them view the work and review the CD and artist statement. The scribes were there during the entire juror review, helping the jurors morning and afternoon, rearranging work during the juror break, cleaning up and organizing things again at the end of the day. It is hard work. Thank you to Ann Patterson, Judy Coady, McCain McMurray, Annemarie Feld, Rachel Collins and Tory Cowles.

A big thank you to Chris Erney and Allison Holdridge, who secured the parking permits, edited the Newly Juried Artists packages, organized social media ads, ran copies and helped me wherever and whenever I asked her. Thanks!!

Kaitlyn Ward did a beautiful job hanging the newly juried artists’ show with the help of Marcel Deolazo. Thank you for hosting the reception and welcoming all our new artists.

A special thank you goes to Lori Katz for her tireless efforts to provide names of potential jurors.

My sincere thanks to everyone for helping through my first year as Jury Chair!


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