New TAG exhibit, “Layers,” opens March 30

Come see the new TAG exhibit, “Layers,” opening on March 30. The artists reveal the depths of their art, which they achieve through layers of colors, lines, patterns, and images.

Ceramic artist Bev Andrews creates vessels of varying shapes often having lids with unique handles sometimes incorporating stones or wood. To achieve her unique forms and to add character to her work, she often layers clay, color, and patterns. Her goal is to create pieces that are complex but still maintain simplicity and grace. She has embraced the same concepts in her beaded art jewelry, which also will be on display.

As an artist versed in drawing, mixed media and painting, Ann Noel refuses to pigeon-hole herself in any one artistic form. She is known for her portraits, figurative, abstract, still life and landscapes.

Some tools and techniques speak to the art form. As a fine art photographer specializing in black and white film, Jo Ann Tooley opts to use her trusty medium format camera. Many of her images reflect isolation and solitude. Certain scenes, especially ones she remembers from her youth—flowers growing wild in open fields, empty roads with sun filtering through the trees, or a lone tree sitting in the middle of a field—evoke strong feelings that she tries to recapture with her camera. In each of her vignettes her images peel back a layer of our understanding about landscape and emotion.

Several images on view at the TAG Gallery by Gail Spencer Saour are part of her continuing “Oil Can Series”. Her use of oil pastel and cold wax reveals a ruddy, rich sometimes murky surface. Beginning with a gestural contour drawing she adds rich, dense color continuing with layers of wax and pastel. In addition to her technique, the images depict a depth of character as suggested in their quirky titles and humorous, almost human, point of view.

Layers will be shown March 30 through April 26. Open daily 11am-6pm in The Associates Gallery in studio 319 at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center, 105. N. Union Street, Alexandria, Virginia. Join us for Second Thursday on April 9th from 11am – 9pm!

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