Three Torpedo Factory Artists Participate in Alexandria Art Therapy Seminar

Torpedo Factory Artists Mirella Monti Belshé, Pauline Siple, and Marcos Teixeira have works in an exhibition on ‘healing art’ in conjunction with a seminar at the Art & Heart Center in Alexandria– Quality of Life, Health and Art. The seminar & artistic event will be held on Feb 7th, 2-5pm

In the effort to research and present new approaches in the fields of quality of life and comprehensive healing, this seminar is one of a series of workshops by the Art & Heart Center devoted to the healing arts. This upcoming event will present respective knowledge, as well as provide experience with some of the healing modalities – music and musical instruments, stories, sounds, shapes and images. Approaches to stress management will be underlined.

By Marcos Teixeira

By Marcos Teixeira

If you are interested in the event, and are an artist or therapist, email, call: 703-989-5550 or visit:  to learn more. This meeting is mainly intended for artists and therapists. Admission is free, but RSVP is required. 





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