Sheep Jones and Beverly Ryan pay homage to Ida Applebroog

Sheep Jones and Beverly Ryan’s collaborative painting installation “Ode to Ida” is on display in Torpedo Factory Art Center’s Studio 7 “nook Gallery”.

We were inspired by the work of the artist, Ida Applebroog. We referenced two of her paintings and created our own versions of them in oil on separate wooden panels that we installed together to make the overall images.

We divided up the sections and worked separately on both paintings, seeing how they look together for the first time on site.

Studio 7 often hosts small collaborative shows in their “nook gallery” space. Sheep Jones generously invited me to join her for this month.

– Beverly Ryan

Ida Applebroog is an American painter who lives and works in New YorkIn her most characteristic work, she combines popular imagery from everyday urban and domestic scenes, sometimes paired with short texts, to twist otherwise ordinary images into scenes imbued with a sense of irony and dark humor. Strong themes in her work include gender and sexual identity, power struggles both political and personal, and the role of mass media in desensitizing the public to violence.

See the collaborative work of Jones and Ryan through January 2015.

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