Alexandria Community Collage Exhibition

an inclusive alexandria

JANUARY 12, 2017 – FEBRUARY 28, 2017
Site 3 Gallery
Reception & Collage Making
Thursday, January 12 • 6:30 – 8:30 pm

On November 19, 2016 the Alexandria City Council issued a statement on community inclusivity. During the January Second Thursday community art night, Torpedo Factory Artists, led by Fierce Sonia (Studio 5), worked with the public to create a collage that embraces both the bonds between local artists and community. This piece, utilizing the original Torpedo Factory primary color target logo for inspiration, is the central element of the Site 3 exhibition: Alexandria Community Collage. Members of the Alexandria visual arts community, including Torpedo Factory Artists past and present, and members of The Art League, have work featured that focuses around the themes of Alexandria, community, and inclusivity. A large typographical version of the Alexandria City Council Statement on inclusivity  is also on display.

Featured Artists: Karen Fitzgerald, Bob Friedman, Willa Friedman, John Gosling, Kara Hammond, Clay Huffman*, Marcel*, Val Proudkii, Fierce Sonia, Marian Van Landingham, and Gale Wallar



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