Congratulations to TFAA’s Matthew Harwood!

Matthew Harwood has been selected after a competitive process to work full-time alongside internationally acclaimed artist  Patrick Dougherty on a public art project in Reston, VA.  For three weeks beginning April 7th artist Patrick Dougherty will be constructing a temporary, 20 foot-tall public art sculpture made of woven tree saplings at the Reston Town Center. Matthew will be working with the artist to harvest the materials, build the sculpture, and manage volunteers.

Between April 13 and 25 (weekends excepted), the artists and volunteers will be working on the sculpture. The result will be a unique, one-of-a-kind sculpture that will remain open to the public for up to two years.

Says Matthew, “In working for him, I hope to gain insights into his unique approach to garnering community support for his public art projects, organizing volunteer labor in creative endeavors and applying environmental esthetics to local landscapes; all things I can apply to my job as public art manager with the City of Alexandria.  I also hope to learn from working with local Reston arts organizations, seeing how their approach to public art is similar and different from how we do things in Alexandria.”

Matthew’s three-dimensional artwork can be seen in Studio 222 at the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

To learn more about the project and the opening date click here.

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