Join the TFAA

Painter GreenwayWhat is the Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association?

The Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association (TFAA) is a community of more than 275 artists dedicated to creating and exhibiting art and fine crafts in open studio settings and galleries. Our members work in a variety of visual media, including sculpture, glass, photography, jewelry, ceramics, painting, film, fiber, and more. Many of our members work on site at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, but we also have a strong group of Associate members, who are able to sublet studio space and participate actively in our community of artists. Newly juried Torpedo Factory Artists are able to immediately show work onsite at the Torpedo Factory Art Center by joining  TAG- The Associates Gallery. TAG is a Torpedo Factory Artist member-only gallery with zero commission.

Who can apply?

We invite visual artists over age 18 to apply: we welcome all ethnicities, genders, orientations, nationalities, and religions.

What type of art is accepted?Jeweler Whitney Staiger

Visual art, of high quality as judged by our panel of independent experts. There are some caveats: we can’t handle extremely hazardous materials or processes.

Why jury into the Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association?

The Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association (TFAA) has been a leader in the professional artist community for over 40 years. All of our members are selected through a rigorous jury process, ensuring that every TFAA member is a highly skilled artist. Membership in our community provides:

  • Networking and professional development opportunities
  • Marketing and publicity, including listing on the Torpedo Factory website and co-op advertising
  • Connections to shows, awards, and special projects
  • Immediate eligibility for TAG (an onsite gallery) membership and exhibitions
  • Community outreach projects and events
  • Possible opportunities for subleasing and the ability to join group artist studios

Printmaker Rosemary CoveyTell me about the jury.

We select well-qualified jurors with diverse viewpoints and backgrounds: academics, gallery owners, curators, and artists representing a broad variety of media expertise within the panel. We do not veto, weigh-in or overrule their selections. We get about 70 applicants to our annual membership jury. Historically, the jurors have selected between 6 and 20 artists each year. We do not give the jury panel any minimum or maximum goal or quotas.

There are separate juries for two-dimensional & three-dimensional art. For 2017, the jurors were:

Phase I (online)Steve Prince – Associate Professor and Artist in Residence at Allegheny College.

Two-dimensional jurors: David Bellard – Creative Director, Social Marketing & Program Services at Rare Residency Program, Fine Art, VCU; Glen Kessler – Founder of The Compass Atelier, formerly taught at Maryland Institute College of Art, George Mason University, George Washington University; Robert Yi – Director of George Washington University’s Corcoran Arts Program.

Three-dimensional jurors: Michael Janis –  Co-director of Washington Glass School, Fulbright Scholar, University of Sunderland, England; Mary Cloonan – Professor of Ceramics, Adjunct, Towson University and Exhibitions Director at Baltimore Clayworks; David Knopp – Towson Art Collective and Sculptors Inc.

How do I apply?

The TFAA Annual Jury process is conducted in two phases. Phase I is an online application process, and Phase II (for successful online applicants) takes place each March onsite at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. The Phase I deadline was January 27, 2017.  Please check back in Fall 2017 to learn about the 2018 Jury.

The Torpedo Factory Art Center also has a summer residency program. Click here to learn more.