The Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association (TFAA) is a thriving artist community of more than 275 juried visual artists. The Torpedo Factory Artists are based at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA but can be found across the greater Washington, DC region, and beyond. Member artists are dedicated to opening our active workplaces for public visits.

Working Artists, Open Studios

TFAA Values

    • Artistic Excellence
      Our members are selected for the artistic excellence of their work and we applaud their constant pursuit of growth, exploration and learning.
    • Appreciation of Art
      We believe that art appreciation is truly a collaboration of maker, product, and witness.
    • Hospitality, Networking, and Life-Long Learning
      Our members are the nucleus of an arts community with porous borders. We welcome colleagues, students, collectors and the curious to walk among us as we work, to become for the moment, part of our colony. We are hospitable to our guests. We respect our neighbors and colleagues.
    • Autonomy and Personal Responsibility
      We defend the artistic and business autonomy of our members. The freedom to grow and explore our personal creativity is vital, and the independent nature of our small businesses is recognized. With that autonomy, we recognize and require personal responsibility. We cannot promise equal outcome.
    • Professionalism
      We acknowledge our members’ professionalism and value their time.
    • Integrity
      We manage our cooperative organization with transparency, integrity, honesty, and the strong heritage of democracy.

Join the TFAA

Torpedo Factory Artists: 105 N Union St #315, Alexandria, VA 22314